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Our daily routine

Horses get a flake of hay in their stall at 5am followed by grain before turnout into the pasture at 6am. Horses each get a flake of hay at 9am in the pasture and then are brought in at 5pm to 2 flakes of hay in their stalls and then receive their second grain feeding. They receive a night feeding of 1 flake of hay at 9pm.


Stalls are cleaned M-Sa ( Surcharge of $5 for Sunday or Owner can clean the their stall).

Horse Boarding

  • 72 x 200 Indoor Arena

  • 110 x 220 Outdoor Arena

  • 12 x 12 Stalls

  • Top Quality Hay and Grain (Triple Crown Feed)

  • Hay fed 4-5 Times A Day

  • Grain fed 2 Times A Day with Supplements

  • Observation Room with  Coffee Maker, Fridge and Microwave

  • Indoor Hot and Cold Wash Rack

  • Daily Turnout

  • Owner and Groom Live On-Site

  • Barn Manager

  • Insured Trainers

  • Restroom

  • Round Pen

  • Grass Pastures

  • Daily Turnout 6am-5pm everyday

    • Small Group Turnout​

  • Temperature Controlled and Locked Tack Room

  • Well Maintained Groomed Riding Trails

  • Peaceful Atmosphere for Horse and Riders

  • Heated Water Troughs in the Winter

  • Water Buckets and Troughs cleaned Regularly

  • Stalls cleaned and bedded with Top Quality Shavings Monday through Saturday 

    • Sundays Optional

Our Community

Presently our boarders are all adults. We have trail riders, English and western riders and some who are pursuing dressage. The folks at Pepper Ridge are friendly, Cooperative, helpful and mature. Every Owner is attentive to their horses needs. Our barn members are supportive of each other and all of us want to come to the barn to enjoy time with our horses without gossip or drama.

Riding Onsite

Along with the indoor and outdoor arena there are 20 acres of beautiful property with fields and trails to enjoy at Pepper Ridge. We are are only a short trailer ride to several horse -friendly parks

  • Highland Recreation

  • Pontiac lake Recreation

  • Rose Oaks

  • Highland Oaks

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